So what's the problem?

The problem is that there isn't a standard definition for any of these terms or descriptions.  There is no such thing as a teacup yorkie or teacup...anything!  There are no guidelines for breeders to follow. 

One breeder can be defining a teacup yorkie for sale that they feel will be under 5 lbs.  Another breeder may consider a pup that will only grow to 3 lbs to be a teacup yorkie.   

If you do not know what that breeder's definition of teacup yorkies to be, you might believe that the breeder misrepresented the dog if you bought your very small yorkie from them.

In an effort to avoid any misrepresentation of any pup, we provide our customers with the estimated adult weights of any pup they purchase, along with the weights of the mom and the dad of the puppy. 

​Will it be foolproof? No. It is a best guess, provided by the experience of breeding the lines and with the knowledge of the dogs in the parents backgrounds.

Teacup Yorkies

Alot of breeders will use the terms micro, mini, teacup, purse size, extra small, miniature, teeny, tiny to describe the size of the adult dogs that the pups they have for sale now are expected to be.

Those terms can help a customer zone in on a pup of interest and narrow the search for their perfect pup!

J. Fortin Yorkies

Is a teeny tiny very small yorkie for you?

Very small yorkies are a huge responsibility.  A very small sized yorkie is suited for someone who is home all day, or at a workplace that allows them to their dog with them, or someone who travels alot and can keep the dog with them 24/7.

The smallest yorkies have special needs. Being smaller, with a teeny tummies,  they need to eat more often. They need to be kept warm, as its harder for them to maintain their body heat. Those cute little shirts you see photos of them in is not just for show!  They need a more structured life. They need an excellent balance of rest, play and food.  

They are not recommended for homes with small children. It is too easy to injure a small sized puppy. I wont go into all the ways a small pup can get injured.

Children will not understand that a pup needs more rest than they do. Children will demand more of a pup and probably force a pup to expend more energy than they can consume through food and rest.

It is not about discrimination against a family with children, it's about placing each and every pup in the best possible home for him or her, based on size, personality, and needs.

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