Breeding Quality Pups

ON OCCASION--WE WILL SELL  breeding quality pups to pre-approved small in home breeders on an individual basis. We do check references. We are careful where we place breeding quality pups, male or female. We reserve the right to sell any of our pups to pre-approved homes of our choice.


We do not have firm prices on our pups until they are about 8 weeks old-sometimes longer. 

We can approximate the price of each pup, but it is not possible to assess the quality of each individual pup until that time.  At 8 weeks old we will post photos of the individual pups, the information relating to that pup, charting adult size, conformation, etc...

​If you are interested in one of our  puppies you need to speak to us by phone so that we can answer your questions. You can make arrangements to see one of our pups by calling us.  

We reserve the right to choose who and where each one of our gorgeous babies goes home to.

​We do not ship our pups in Cargo. Yorkies are too small to fly anywhere unattended, in our opinion. 

You will find the newest pups in the nursery at the bottom of this page. 

J. Fortin Yorkies

These pups will be evaluated at 8 weeks old. I will price them accordingly at this time. There are 3 girls and 2 boys.

Pet Puppies

Important Information

RUMOR  and Grizzly are the proud parents of three girls and 2 boys  born 11-1-17.   

Our pet pups are sold on spay/neuter contracts.